Casino blackjack online free game in Canada

Almost all Canadians, played casino blackjack online free game have heard how to avoid losses and do not bust there. Nevertheless, a gambling house wins more often than even the best-skilled gamblers. Why does it happen? What do players do wrong to fail even with the best cards they have? Is it possible to win playing any blackjack casino game and withdraw money safe and fast?

Casino blackjack online free game vs BJ for money

If you never played “21” (another name for BJ) with friends, you can do it for free online. It will let you understand the mistakes that players make while taking different decision.

The game rules are so simple that it seems even a beginner can start playing successfully in a minute. Really, everything is very easy:

  • Your task is to get 21 points with several cards;
  • You win if you get other points’ number but a dealer has less;
  • You will lose playing casino blackjack online free game, if you bust — get over 21.

Calculations here resemble math in a primary school. Every “picture” card is counted as ten points. Ace can give either 11 or 1 point (to your preference). The rest cards provide the number of points that they are worth (9 gives nine, 7 gives seven, etc).

However, this simplicity is a mirage. You will get it fast; therefore never start gambling for money until you start “feeling” blackjack.

PayPal casinos for BJ players

If a casino blackjack online free game is conquered, you can try gambling for money, choosing for instance, PayPal casino. It will require registration. Canadians are not supposed to pay taxes from their wins. If a gambler beats a BJ casino and cashouts his money to PayPal, the entire the sum he won (with no commission) will come to him. Besides, players, who use exactly this payment system, are often rewarded by special casino bonuses.

Winning strategy — does it exist?

You can try any strategy described on the internet, but better use it during casino blackjack online free game. Soon, you will understand that counting cards (one of the strategies) is too difficult. Other ones work 50/50, which means that even if you play without any strategy, you can also win. Naturally, you will have to remember some important things about this game.

For example, it is evident that if you get 2 Aces, you will need to split them. In this case, one Ace will be counted as one point, and another one will bring you 11 points. Having 12 points on your hand, it is always worth taking risks and asking for another card. Naturally, if it happens, you get a “picture” or 10, it will be a bust. 9 will be the best card for you here.

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